PUFF (Pineapple Underground Film Festival)

Tuesdays and Thursdays; 3:15pm

Juicy & Spiky: that's what PUFF films are all about - a critical counterweight to main stream thinking, mass media and cinema spectacles that we sometimes are forced to consume. 


PUFF is indie filmmaking at its best; with stories that ignite the senses and provoke the emotions. We look for filmmakers that defy the status quo in how a story can be told, or how a film can be produced or financed. 

Showcasing Passions: PUFF has the spirit of a world citizen.  We are based in the international financial city of Hong Kong and we have worked with filmmakers from over 30 countries.  PUFF films had screened in many amazing locations , including the film tent at a local music festival, The HKU Black Box Theatre, Run Run Shaw Theatre and most recently at the CAFA Museum.


PUFF x imseDOME 2018

Selected filmmaker works from [PUFF] Pineapple Underground Film Festival based on the theme of IMMERSION, SUBMERSION, DIVERSION. Curated by Gary Sze, programmer of PUFF.

It is our ability to imagine that enables us to escape the mundane chores of daily life. Cinematic art has always been utilised as one of the most prominent launching pads for our imagination. Now a new kid on the block - VR technology, is readied to join force to unleash the power of our minds. To celebrate the immersive 360º experience of the imseDOME,  PUFF has lined up a program of cutting edge independent films that revolve around the theme of the “other-worldy”. See what these up-and-coming filmmakers from around the world are doing with this century old art form in the age of VR technology and imagine a near future where these two disciplines will fuse together to truly blow our minds away.

 Programs 1, 2, and 3.


Home sweet home, this is the subject we selected for our lineup of feature films…or is it? This subject is specially close to us in Hong Kong as we go to extraordinary lengths in order to have our place to live. Some would rather called it a harrowing experience. That is exactly what happened to our couples in “Naciye” and “Trapped” who found their dream homes with terrifying results of totally different nature. On the other hand, “Paris Tower 13” shows that a public housing project, which is usually linked to poverty and urban decay, can be turned into an art project by the ingenuity of a group of street artists.


Lutfu Emre Cicek

Turkey | 1h 21m | Horror | 2015

On their first night at a new, secluded house, a couple encounter the mysterious woman who claims it to be her home.

May 15; Jun 12; Jul 3, 24; Aug 14

Paris Tower 13

Thomas Lallier

France | 1h 14m | Documentary | 2016

October 2013: for one month, Paris became the world capital of street art. Neither a museum nor a gallery, it's an apartment building bound for destruction that became home to the biggest collective exhibition ever imagined.

May 29; Jun 19; Jul 10, 31; Aug 21


Vikramaditya Motwane

India | 1h 41m | Thriller/Disaster | 2016

'Shaurya' must pluck up the courage to stay alive after he accidentally locks himself up in his new rented apartment in a desolate Mumbai high-rise.

Jun 5, 26; Jul 17; Aug 7, 28

 Program 4.


On this program we mainly showcase works from middle Eastern countries which we normally will not associate with outstanding animated films. Including the marvellous “Golden Shot” from Turkey.

Shadow Light

Zahra Bozorgzadeh

Iran | 3m | Drama | 2017


May 10; Jun 7; Jul 5; Aug 2


Leila Nouroozy

Iran | 6m | Horror | 2016


May 10; Jun 7; Jul 5; Aug 2


Maryam Katan

Iran | 5m | Experimental | 2017


May 10; Jun 7; Jul 5; Aug 2


Jonathan Ostrem

Canada | 8m | Experimental | 2017


May 10; Jun 7; Jul 5; Aug 2

Golden Shot

Gökalp Gönen

Turkey | 9m | Sci-Fi | 2015

Rusty machines living in their small houses, imagine that the sun will come and take them to the sky someday. A small light, keeps them alive and dreaming. But one of the machines wants to see the sun itself and he has a plan for that.

May 10; Jun 7; Jul 5; Aug 2

 Program 5.


These are works that do not follow the usual narrative forms or just set music to images. Highlighted by the extremely stylish short film “Hell Follows”. Get ready to be blown away!


Carlos Polo

Spain | 2m | Drama | 2016


May 10; Jun 7; Jul 5; Aug 2

Cinecitta On Wheels

Inti Carboni

Italy | 6m | Sports/MV | 2016


May 10; Jun 7; Jul 5; Aug 2

Indigo Grey: The Passage

Sean Robinson

USA | 8m | Sci-Fi/MV | 2015


May 10; Jun 7; Jul 5; Aug 2

Hell Follows

Brian Harrison

Japan/USA | 11m | Crime | 2017

Betrayed by his clan and murdered for his past evil deeds, a sadistic killer's soul possesses his identical twin's body and sets out onto the road of vengeance for one final crusade of extermination. Everywhere he goes ... HELL FOLLOWS.

May 10; Jun 7; Jul 5; Aug 2

​ Program 6.


Sometime we really cannot be sure what is real and what is unreal. This is why the surreal has been studied by filmmakers for ages. Here are three more entries including the awards winning short film “The Bliss of Being No One”.

Sea Pavilion

Todd Somodevilla and Marysia Makowska

USA | 10m | Mystery | 2012

An innocent picnic turns surreal when curiosity leads to the uncovering of secrets hidden in the decrepit ruins of a seaside pavilion.

May 17; Jun 14; Jul 12; Aug 9


Lionel Kaplan

France | 11m | Mystery/Comedy | 2014

Lucie is an actress, but she wanted to be a director. She goes reluctantly to one of many casting calls. After the usual questions, her conversation goes wrong with the casting director, ...

May 17; Jun 14; Jul 12; Aug 9

The Bliss of Being No One

Bader Alhomoud

Saudi Arabia | 26m | Drama/Mystery | 2016

The unexpected encounter of a young man who lost his family with a one-eyed old man.

May 17; Jun 14; Jul 12; Aug 9

​ Program 7.


War tears families and lovers apart. “Operation Commando” takes a light-hearted look at an imaginary war and the highly regarded “Piscina” is an LGBT themed tale of repressed memory and forbidden love.

Operation Commando

Jan Czarlowski

Switzerland | 21m | Drama | 2016

Children play war in this summer camp, a war opposing the Indians to the Commandos. Two brothers are separated in between the two rival groups. The eldest promises the youngest that he will go look for him on their first night.

May 17; Jun 14; Jul 12; Aug 9


Leandro Goddinho

Brazil | 30m | Drama | 2016

On a quest to understand her grandmother's past, Claudia meets Marlene, an old woman who's created an homage to her memories inside an empty pool.

May 17; Jun 14; Jul 12; Aug 9

​ Program 8.


Two very well made contemporary urban drama from Belgium about moral dilemmas.

La Graine

Barney Frydman

Belgium | 21m | Drama/Action | 2015

While on a petty crime spree, Steve and Karim are about to go on an adventure that will eclipse them all. One evening, they accidentally causing a woman's death.

May 24; Jun 21; Jul 19; Aug 16


Mathieu Mortelmans

Belgium | 32m | Drama | 2016

When a Judge chooses to cover up the evidence that involves his own son in a deadly hit and run, he finds himself stuck in between his values as a Judge and his role as a father.

May 24; Jun 21; Jul 19; Aug 16

​ Program 9.


What keep us thrive in spite of adversity is our hopes and dreams. These are two visually attractive, heart warming tales that celebrate our ability to dream.

Dream Vending Machine 夢想販賣機

Hsueh-Cheng Lu

Taiwan | 6m | Fantasy | 2016


May 24; Jun 21; Jul 19; Aug 16

The Utopians

Svetlana Sukhanova

Russia | 30m | Drama | 2017

This is the movie about real friendship, desire to live and the dreams.

May 24; Jun 21; Jul 19; Aug 16

​ Program 10.


Nothing works better in the cinema than the good old scream fest. These productions deliver no shortage of styles and thrills even with limited resources.

Trato Preferente

Carlos Polo

Spain | 4m | Horror | 2014


May 31; Jun 28; Jul 26; Aug 23

SHŪEN 終焉の歌

Philippe McKie

Japan/Canada | 15m | Sci-Fi/Thriller | 2015

In the ruins of a destroyed Tokyo, a girl and her brother fight for survival. Shot in the famous “Battleship Island”.

May 31; Jun 28; Jul 26; Aug 23


Jonas Ussing

Denmark | 24m | Horror | 2014

The rotten are walking the streets of Denmark.

May 31; Jun 28; Jul 26; Aug 23

​ Program 11.


Indian cinema is doing something really right with its power to make us laugh or cry. You can even say it is a guilty pleasure. Small independent production like this one is no different.

Mr. Lieutenant Radio

Akash Chopra, Anmol Karnik, and Ashok Mishra

India | 53m | War | 2014

A junior officer of the Indian Army is wounded and forced to retreat with nothing but a Wireless Radio set, after skirmish with the Chinese army during the 1962 Indo-China War.

May 31; Jun 28; Jul 26; Aug 23

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Carlos Polo Spain | 2m | Drama | 2016

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Lionel Kaplan France | 11m | Mystery/Comedy | 2014

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Mathieu Mortelmans Belgium | 32m | Drama | 2016

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